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Making Mindfully

22 March, 2020

When I wrote on January 15 'change is coming' I had no idea what was about to follow Australia's horrific bushfires and the unexpected passing of my beautiful mother-in-law. Yet again, the universe has surprised us we find ourselves flexing our ability to think creatively and hopefully in the face of changes none of us wanted. I am reminded of the saying that: the only permanent thing one can expect in this life is impermanence.




With this in mind I have decided to stop waiting for the perfect time to start things - including this blog. Welcome. Welcome now.

As a professional teacher and artist who has lead and been teaching in pastoral care and positive psychology for over a decade, I feel that our community can only gain from sharing ourselves kindly, generously and authentically.

So here I am...launching something I hope will enrich the world of makers and non-makers, young people and not so young people - irrespective of gender, class and denomination. 

Be as involved as you wish...but please, always be kind - most importantly to yourself.

What is our creative process if it doesn't nourish us and our community?

My online doors are open wider than ever so pop by my social media feeds to see the latest announcements and to partake Instagram @lynetiltart or Facebook @lyneartdesigns



Online I have launched my IGTV channel and the series 'Making Mindfully' this weekend - you'll find the first video here:  

I'd love you to join in and message me how you are going in your journey as maker, mother, brother or all-purpose-general-fellow human!

Together we stay strong.



I am planning to extend publication to Facebook (at any moment) and am also in the throes of releasing a new collaborative project that will hopefully make for a great isolation activity and up-lifter for both new and experienced makers...more on this soon.

Additionally, new releases of work are pending exploring both upcycled elements and a new collaboration in the world of slow fashion...


My online doors are open wider than ever so pop by my Instagram @lynetiltart or Facebook @lyneartdesigns and message or comment on posts and stories, or if the urge hits pop me an e-mail at:  

I'm also confident that together we can all help each other get through these uncertain times,

Much kindness and gratitude,

Lyne x