Making Mindfully

As I have developed as a teacher, maker and human being, I have come to believe deeply in the benefits of learning about and practicing the principles of positive psychology. The Making Mindfully Project that I have initiated this year is the culmination of working as a leader in pastoral care and well-being in Australian schools for nearly 15 years and seeing the need for informed conversation and information sharing within our makers' community (and beyond) about art, art practice and life practices in general that can empower us to be the very best humans we can and to achieve authentic understanding of the part we play in creating not only art but our entire reality...

If you would like to learn more and be a part of the making mindfully project please reach out and join in...

What you and I can do together:

  • e-mail me anytime with thoughts, topic ideas or questions you'd like answered and explored.

  • suggest artists and professionals you would like me to interview as a part of the 'Mindful Conversations' I am currently undertaking and writing about...

  • sign up for my newsletter (via homepage) and follow my social media and blog for videos, project details and general information to stay up to date with what's happening:

Instagram: @lynetiltart

Facebook: @LyneartDesigns


  • Spread the word and invite others to join in the journey...there's lots more to come

What I am not able to do:

Please note that while I have worked with hundreds of families from a pastoral/ welfare leader's role and written and delivered curriculum based in positive psychology theory and behavioural psychology for well over a decade - I am not a qualified counselor or psychologist.

Should you be feeling overwhelmed or have any significant experiences of physical or emotional distress, I strongly encourage you to contact professional providers who are equipped to support you. In Australia there are many to choose from and I have provided you with some links below.

I hope that what is shared as a part of this project creates positive, actionable and authentic opportunities for us to grow and learn together - remember - you can't change other people but you can change yourself  - and who knows, that might just change the world,


Lyne x