Pebble in my Pocket

Pebble in my Pocket

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'Pebble in my Pocket'

Acrylic & Ink

Professionally framed in Shadow Box - Canadian Oak (Archival Quality)


DM me to request removal of frame and a subsequent $120 discount (making painting $330)

SIZE:    430 x 430     

 *comes framed in Canadian Oak and ready to hang 


As a girl I would endlessly seek out and collect pebbles. From airports to rivers, roadsides to beach holidays...I would never return home without a pebble or they adorn my garden and collection of pot plants and succulents outside my humble abode. I love them - each one holds a story - each one is unique - not unlike our children, siblings, parents and friends. Pebbles are a breath of life, a moment in time, a piece of treasure that can be held in the palm of y0ur hand - and now - be held forever on your wall.


As with any handmade artisan piece, natural imperfections and inconsistencies may personalise your piece. I think of these little inclusions as part of what makes her unique. Such inclusions never diminish the beauty, functionality or quality of the work. I sell only what I would happily purchase myself.


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